Inflated Container Skin

Some months back we collaborated with the ETH Zürich DArch Building Systems group (GT) on developing a mobile lab to demonstrate their Distributed Building Systems. The role of the ASL was to design an Inflated Skin for a pair of shipping containers as a first defense against the high solar gains of the Singapore climate. This project is part of the Future Cities Lab.

Early prototypes produced in the Tensairity workshop at EMPA.

System for securing inflated skin to containers.

Exploded view of inflated skin elements.

Form-finding analysis of inflated geometry.

Rendering of Inflated container skin based on form-finding model.

First inflation of the container skin on site in Singapore.

Publication on the BubbleZERO project:

"BubbleZERO - Design, Construction and Operation of a Transportable Research Laboratory for low Exergy Building Systems Evaluation in the Tropics." Energies 2013, 6(9), 4551-4571