Wireless Sensor Network

We recently built and installed a wireless sensor network for monitoring the realtime energy performance of an historic building in Zürich. The measurements will be used to validate simulation models and predict the effects of retrofit options on building performance.

Data collected includes:
- Internal Temperature/Humidity in offices and passageways with various exposures on multiple floors.
- Radiator inlet/outlet temperatures in offices.
- Exterior Temperature/Humidty and Light level readings on exterior of offices being monitored.
- Boiler oil consumption and inlet/outlet temperatures.
- Building electrical consumption.

Sensor data is wirelessly transmitted from sensor nodes to base stations which upload the readings to our server over the internet. The data is dynamically displayed in the graphs below. This allows for remote visual evaluation of data as well as monitoring of the sensor network performance.

More information on the project can be found here:

Micro controller and wireless transceiver for the weather
station node.
Weather station installed on roof of building being monitored.

realtime readings should load below shortly...

More coming soon...