Adaptive Solar Envelope

After many late nights in the workshop, the Adaptive Solar Envelope prototype is built and on display at the ETH Zürich Department of Architecture Annual Exhibition, for more information on the exhibition please visit:

After exploring the integration of cognitive behavior into a building envelope component during the Spring Seminar Week, we are now developing the idea into a 1:1 Adaptive Solar Envelope prototype.

First prototype of solar thin-film cell charging a 9V battery and
powering a microcontroller. (Thin film solar cell supplied by
PowerFilm Inc.)

Second round of thin film and pan/tilt kit mounting options.

Thin Film mounting tests. (Click image for larger version.)

1:1 scale 3d printed pan/tilt kit mounting bracket.

1:1 scale laser cut support structure for 1 cluster of 6 components. 

Support structure and mounting bracket with pan/tilt kit in place.

Scale study of Adaptive Solar Envelope tiling system. By Eva Lüginbuhl.

Animation study by Julien Bellot.

Video of first solar tracking component prototype by Dino Rossi.

More to come...